STiK Mount


Turn your portable GPS

into a permanent display


Here is the only way to get more holding power than the G-Force Mount:

Drive a screw through it

That’s the design philosophy behind the G-Force STiK Mount. Aircraft owners don’t bounce from plane to plane; so portability is not priority. And permanence means rock solid performance. With help from your A-P, you can mount your GPS anywhere you want. A couple of holes…

A few screws… and you’ll turn your portable GPS into a permanent display.

The best ideas are simple. Yet, this simple idea beats the RAM Mount for design and performance. Here’s how:









 The G-Force STiK Mount features two adjustment knobs located at each end of the mount. That’s twice the tightening force… twice the holding power of RAM which has only one.

The STik Mount uses a patented knuckle and ball design. The cast metal knuckle features serrated teeth that bite into the ball. The wing screw transmits tightening energy directly to the knuckle and ball for unbeatable holding power. The RAM mount teeters on only one adjustment knob at the center of a plastic shaft. It must divide its holding ability between the two ends and will waste that energy as it travels along the shaft to the ends.

What's to know

Measures 6-inches from end-plate to end-plate

Extra-large foot plate measures 2-1/2 inches (square). Holes measure 2-inches (on center)

Includes mounting hardware for most Garmin GPS units



Stronger materials. Better design. Twice the holding power. Pair this G-Force STiK Mount with the G-Force Antenna STiK for permanent heads-up navigation.

The G-Force STiK Mount docks directly to the OEM cradle supplied by Garmin International with its GPS/MAP models 195 through 496 and all Lowrance AIRMAP models. Other Garmin models and units from other manufacturers may require an interface cradle at additional cost. Cradles are not included with purchase. Michel DuBil, Marketeer does not distribute replacement cradles, but on request will recommend probable sources. Attachment hardware is included for most applications. Ask about specific applications by writing to mail@G-ForceMount.com.


GFX11 G-Force STiK Mount  -$34.95









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