No Setup!
No screwdrivers, No nuts, No bolts
In the time it takes you to unravel your headset, you can turn your tablet PC into a heads-up display

This G-Force GF260 Mount makes PC navigation
as easy as pushing a button
Dear Fellow Pilot,

In October 2002, I coined the word cradle, as in GPS cradle. GPS makers called it a mounting bracket; but at the launch of the G-Force GPS Mount, I stumbled on mounting bracket –too many syllables -too industrial –I conjured cradle as the interface standing between your GPS and my GPS mount.

You’d be amazed, how many calls I got, over the years, for cradles that went lost or never arrived, that stood between your GPS and my GPS mount. And I wished I could make a GPS mount that mounted right to your GPS right up to the day I made it for Apple’s iPad. At the same time I made it for nearly all Tablet PCs because Apple is no longer the only name in PC navigation.

And that’s contrary to the G-Force GF260 Mount that remains the only name in PC navigation. If you want to turn your tablet PC into a heads-up display, you want the G-Force GF260 Mount.

PC navigation? More words I coin to demonstrate: GPS navigation is no longer the proprietary subject of large corporations who dictate the box, the software, accessories, and where to park it –take it or leave it. Today, you get to choose the PC platform, the GPS software, peripheral plug-ins like ADS-B. And, today, you get to choose the G-Force GPS Mount, designed for PC navigation, designed to turn your tablet PC into a heads-up display. Or you can choose that other mount with its bulky mounting bracket designed for old equipment.

What’s the big deal with the cradle?

1 A cradle adds bulk to an already bulky device. That limits location and connection to the tablet.
2 A cradle adds weight to an already heavy device, 50-100% of the tablet itself. Extra weight enables your tablet to swing at every bump. Nothing annoys like a swinging tablet when you’re trying to touch the touch screen.
3 A cradle restricts ventilation. tablet PCs have no cooling fans. The whole backside is a radiator. And a mounting cradle impedes radiation. Some tablets shut down under excessive heat. You don’t want your tablet shutting down while you’re skirting that storm cell.
Look! No Cradle!

The G-Force GF260 mount connects to your tablet with the legendary Air Base. During endurance tests, the Air Base outlasted an FAA 3rd Class Medical certificate. During a static performance test, this forced-vacuum base held 32.5-pounds. That’s equivalent to 22 iPads. During the same test, the G-Force Air Base withstood 22.6 Gs with a deflection range of 2-inches. That’s equal to a deceleration rate of 0.005 ft/sec2. And since the human body can withstand only near 12-Gs in deceleration, well…

But wait. That was a static, bench test. So, just to be sure, I stuck the GF260 Mount and a full-size iPad to the canopy of an Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros, a 400-knot military jet trainer -anything but static..
L39  "G-Force Mount and iPad baked under the canopy for over an hour. No iPad heating problem. No interference with flight controls.  The G-Force Mount turned my iPad into a heads-up display in an airplane that should have one by nature."

Mike G -Manassas, VA   
  Then, just to make things more relative, I stuck the GF260 Mount and a full-size iPad in a Cessna P210, a 190-knot workhorse.    
"There’s not a lot of room in a P210, with the added pressurization equipment. Yet, the full-size iPad fits nicely left of the console, allowing clear view of all instruments. The G-Force Mount puts a rock-solid platform for my iPad right at my fingertips. Feels like part of the cockpit."

Bill D -Charlottesville, VA    
The G-Force GF260 Mount eliminates bulky mounting cradles and attaches direct to most tablet PCs including Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, ASUS, ACER, Kindle and more.

If your tablet PC wears a smooth, non-porous case, you can dock it to a G-Force Mount.
  It's as easy as    one...    two...    three...  
  You really can
turn your tablet PC
into a heads-up display! 
The G-Force GF260 Mount allows your tablet PC to ventilate naturally. It hangs onto your tablet like a rottweiler, reduces vibration and swing. It gives you the freedom to mount your tablet PC to any window, gloss painted panel, even gelcoat. Mount it within fingertip reach. Mount it eye-high.

Turn your tablet PC into a heads-up display.


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Michel DuBil, Marketeer
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