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G-Force CAM Mount

Here's how to capture the Money Shot

with one hand tied behind your back...

Now you can shoot evocative photos, even with one hand tied behind your back. Here’s how to do it:


Attach your camera to the G-Force CAM Mount


Affix the mount to a window, mirror, the side of your boat,

or right on the fender of your car


Aim your camera and lock it in using the multiple adjustment knobs


Go looking for journalistic acceptance

Once you line-up your shot, simply click away. One hand is all you need. Only the G-Force CAM Mount gives you creative freedom and artistic control to capture that perfect shot.

The G-force CAM Mount features two adjusting knobs with ratchet-locking teeth at each end. They clamp with vise-like force, yet they tilt precise through 180-degrees, 210-degrees wide in another plane, and rotate free through 360-degrees in a third plane. On the working end, ¼-20 camera stud, with dampening pad, securely docks your camera to the Mount. This standard camera foot is a sure fit for almost all cameras, from the Canon PowerShot I use to shoot all my G-Force images, to a nosy CCTV surveillance camera, even that $43,000 Hasselblad H3DII. YIIKES!

All this connects to a 3-1/2-inch  inert, cast metal base with a polypropylene vacuum cup driven by an over-centering locking cam. The G-Force CAM Mount operates as simple as sucking soda through a straw. Yet it sticks to any smooth, non-porous surface like a rash. Hitch it to glass, Plexiglas, gelcoat… you can even stick it on the fender of your car.

even when it's out of your hands!



The image you’re looking at is a G-Force CAM Mount stuck to the front quarter-panel of a Range Rover. Land Rover selected the

G-Force Mount to carry its VentureCAM, a wireless video camera that transmits its image to the cabin.

Why would anyone want to do this? It has become popular among Off-Roaders to suspend video cameras at the extreme corners of the vehicle to observe damaging obstacles that cannot otherwise be seen from the driver’s seat.


Does it work? You bet! I attached a camera-loaded G-Force Mount to my car. Then I made ten successive 80-mph runs on Interstate-64 between Exits 124 and 129. Next I parked the car in 100-degree heat over the weekend. Finally, I took this photo –proof that the G-Force CAM Mount stuck to the challenge.

Is there room for a G-Force CAM Mount in your car? It’s not just for Off-Roaders, you know. Now, young families can hang a baby monitor from the moonroof, and point it at the back seat.


You can watch the kids squirm, without doing the same.

This the most effective way to safely shoot photos from the airplane cockpit. Whether you’re a working pro or shutterbug, the G-Force CAM Mount is the smart choice for aerial expression.

And if that doesn't impress your audience, tell them this story: Your G-Force CAM Mount is the very same one used by the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to shoot some of their own award winning, court-quality photo exhibits. It’s a real pain, sitting all scrunched up in a grey Chevy van with mirror-tint windows, waiting for the Money Shot to go down. They use the same G-Force CAM Mount, as you do.

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