If you’ve been avoiding touchscreen navigation in your Bonanza because there’s just no room, there’s a G-Force Mount made just for you

The average mini-tablet computer casts the same shadow as an 8-inch fry pan. Where once the darling of GPS navigation played out on a 2x3 inch screen, that screen has ballooned to near 50-square-inches. Your Bonanza cockpit isn’t getting any bigger, only the stuff you stuff into it.GF163

If you’ve been shying away from touchscreen navigation because you thought there’s just no room, think about this: The G-Force GF165 Mount will open new vistas where you never imagined:

Right at your fingertips.

I get asked often to create unique mounting solutions to fit the unique geography of the Bonanza cockpit, most recently to service Apple’s iPad and similar others. I do it because Bonanza pilots -even with their throw-over yokes and their swallow tails- deserve contemporary mounting solutions to touchscreen navigation.

Somebody has to do it

And, you know what, nobody else wants to:

Not RAM Here’s their number: 206 763 8361. Call them and ask for their Bonanza-specific iPad mount.
Not AirGizmo Requires you to cut a 50-square-inch hole in your panel. 8-inch fry pan, remember? Here’s their number: 972 671 8001. Ask about their Bonanza mount.
Not DiBlasi The DiBlasi NavBoard. You strap it to your leg. Guarantees to interfere with your yoke travel and probably put your foot to sleep. Here’s their number: +39 095 78 42 406.

 Here’s what we did:

Collaborating with real Bonanza owners, we designed, air tested, fine tuned, air tested again, repeatedly, to arrive at the G-Force GF165 Mount, affectionately known as The Bonanza Mount.

Here is what we learned:

Location is everything

Like nearly everyone, Bonanza pilots prefer to locate their GPS to the left, between the yoke and the side window.

 GF165 starts with a single G-Force cam-actuated vacuum base that nuzzles into the side window apex, behind the A-pillar. There, it grips the window like a pit bull until you flip the locking lever, release the bond, and easily remove it. While in place, the mount allows full-range motion of the “toll” window.

Size matters

The overwhelming tablet choice in this application is Apple’s iPad Mini. It offers the ideal shape and size for the available space. If you can manage to shoehorn a full size tablet into the space, be assured, the GF165 will support it. In fact, in static performance tests, a GF1 mount proved to support the equivalent of 34 iPads. And it’s not just a one-company mount. GF165 will support most mini- and full-size tablets that are wrapped in a smooth, hard case. GF165

Border Free is liberating. Every tablet mount on the market today requires the use of some kind of cradle interface except the G-Force Tablet Mount.

Cradles are heavy

They increase the overall suspended weight by 50%-75%. When you hit rough air, that added weight contributes to pendulum swing. A moving touchscreeh is something hard to put your finger on. That’s distraction. The G-Force connection is light and strong. It provides an solid surface for fingerskating.

Cradles are hot

Tablet computers have no cooling fans. The whole backside is a radiator. And a mounting cradle impedes radiation.  While most cradles blanket the entire footprint of a tablet like a sweat sock, the G-Force mount touches on a mere 3-inch circle. That liberates a whopping 85% of surface to radiate freely. Some tablets shut down under excessive heat. You don’t want your mini shutting down while you’re skirting that storm cell.

Cradles are limiting

Most tablet mounts allow one attachment point. The GF165 Mount, because it is unencumbered by nuts and bolts, gives you unlimited attachment points on the back of your device. Mount it high or low, side-to-side, as you wish. You will never bang your knuckle or snag your finger on an imposing cradle arm. GF165’s entire mounting effort is conducted at the back. Nothing to impose Nothing to be seen.

The effect is like an infinity pool for effortless gliding across the surface.

The G-Force GF165 mount connects to your iPad, iPad Mini or similar tablet with the legendary Air Base. During endurance tests, the Air Base outlasted an FAA 3rd Class Medical certificate. It remained affixed to its mounted surface for over two-years. Your experience will vary because tablet computers are multi-use devices. You’re sure to grab it and run after tie-down. This impressive claim benefits only those who choose to remove the GPS and leave the Mount behind. Caution: G-Force Mounts have been stolen from aircraft. In at least one case, the Mount was stolen and the GPS left behind.

Flew over 13-hours. Gave the mount a good workout. Impressed with the quality and that it stayed attached through moderate turblence.

Craig S
Gainesville, FL

 During the same performance test as above, the G-Force Air Base withstood 22.6 Gs with a deflection range of 2-inches. That’s equal to a deceleration rate of 0.005 ft/sec2. And since you can withstand only near 12-Gs of deceleration before you pass out, the point is moot but nonetheless impressive.

1+40 en route. Attached the iPad prior to departure. It stayed solid, in position, until I took it off in my hangar. You’ve heard me speak to differentiating one’s product from a competitor. Yours is the only one that can mount to a side window and actually hold!

John W
Cresson, TX

I believe no GPS mount on the market today matches the quality, performance, and confidence that you get from the G-Force GF165 Mount. There’s no cutting, no drilling, no straps, no glue. No hidden mechanic’s fees. No STC. No permission from the Commission because your G-Force Mount is portable and above scrutiny.
Are you ready to turn your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display? Put this G-Force GF165 Mount in your Bonanza for 60-days. If you are not convinced your touchscreen GPS is 

Easier to program
Easier to read
Easier to follow

...return it for a full refund of your purchase price. No restocking fees. No bank charges.

Private Pilot Magazine reports,

  “Now you can put your GPS where it’s most visible and most easily reached. The G-Force Mount is an excellent addition to the cockpit and should be looked at by everyone who wishes that GPS was somewhere other than on the yoke.”  

Indeed, the G-Force model GF165 is the mount of choice for that select circle of Bonanza pilots that wishes their GPS was somewhere other than on the yoke. Moreover, it is the mount of choice for that circle that wants to join the present world of PC Navigation.

PC Navigation?

You bet! Imagine the “C” stands for “Component.” Until only a few years ago, GPS navigation was the proprietary subject of a large corporation that dictated the hardware, the software, even the box it came in, accessories. They told you where to stick it –take it or leave it.

Today, you get to choose your favorite display, the mapping software, the mapping software driver, and peripheral plug-ins like ADS-B that adds its own GPS hardware to the mix and brings weather and traffic into your cockpit. PC Navigation is the promise child of aviation and technology; and you can watch this child grow right there on your 8-inch, Retna HD, Touchscreen Display bolted to your control yoke.

But wait. Bonanza cockpits aren’t getting any bigger, only the stuff we stuff in them. That includes the pilot’s burgeoning girth that causes the yoke to spend too much time buried in his belly or outside his aging field of vision.
Then there’s the matter of movement. Yokes move. That causes your yoke-mounted GPS to bob and weave like a free-range chicken. Trying to fingerpoke a soft button on a gyrating touchscreen commands attention and demands time. In aviation, that’s called distraction. Even a leading provider of ADS-B admonishes:

“ADS-B is not a substitute for looking out the window when fulfilling your responsibility to see and avoid.”

Perhaps you belong to that group that believes navigation devices belong in the Navigation Zone –that area of the instrument panel that presents navigation instruments- and should not mix it up in the Control Zone –the control yoke, that area where the engine controls reside.

The G-Force GF165 Mount positions your iPad Mini in the Navigation Zone, at or above the instrument panel –you decide- on a sturdy, reliable platform, always where you last saw it, always within fingertip reach. From there, an imperceptible shift of focus directs your scan and your attention where it belongs, outside the cockpit.

In the words of Steve Sevits, Editor of Short Wing Piper News:

“This does away with that dangerous business of dipping one’s head to sneak a peek at the GPS flailing around on the yoke.

"This is the closest most will get to a real heads-up display."

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