Turn your hand-held GPS into

a heads-up display



The G-Force Mount is the must-have accessory for any hand-held GPS or portable device... in any vehicle. Use it in the cockpit where it will endure turbulence and hostile clearance amendments. Take it from airplane to auto where it will absorb potholes and fist-waving panic stops. It even works in the boat, withstanding wave after kidney-pounding wave.

It's a snap to attach

Attach the G-Force Mount to any hard, smooth, non-porous surface. That includes glass, plastic, gelcoat. It's as easy as 1... 2... 3.

One... Two... Three... Done!


Set it against the surface


Press the button


Flip the lever

That's all it takes. In mere seconds, you’ve turned your hand-held GPS into a heads-up display.

What's to know

The G-Force Mount docks directly to the OEM cradle supplied by Garmin International with its GPS/MAP models 195 through 496 and all Lowrance AIRMAP models. Other Garmin models and units from other manufacturers may require an interface cradle at additional cost. Cradles are not included with purchase. Michel DuBil, Marketeer does not distribute replacement cradles, but on request will recommend probable sources. Attachment hardware is included for most applications. Ask about specific applications by writing to mail@G-ForceMount.com.

The G-Force Mount will adhere to certain painted automobile panels. Paint integrity varies among vehicles; that will determine the length of attachment. Do not attempt this application without a safety lanyard. Careful consideration should also be given to the possibility of scratching the paint.

The G-Force Mount has remained attached for years under laboratory conditions and nearly that long in the field. However the magic of the Mount lies in its portability. Remove it along with your portable GPS equipment at the end of your event day. This will keep the vacuum seal flexible and your valuable instrument safe.

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